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About Us

Vylo’s mission is to harness the power of conversations and perspectives to fix the news and change the world.

Vylo offers a social-news hybrid solution to address an ever-growing societal void that of meaningful debate and conversation. Poised to instigate the next disruption in social discourse, the solution comes in the form of a social networking app where users can participate in vigorous engagement with, and creation of, the news.

Vylo wants to bring the thinkers out of the shadows. No longer should healthy debate about current affairs be the privilege of formal commentators, academics or news pundits. By deploying world-leading machine learning and cutting-edge development, Vylo provides a platform for both video and audio responses to be posted to a specific newsfeed articles. A newsfeed curated from all major news sources. Users can browse video and audio responses from other users, stimulating conversation on a daily basis. The app also gives users the option of creating and uploading their own original news content in-platform and publishing it to the world, giving a voice to all.
So, “What do you think?”