Setting up your profile

What's the difference between my Vylo account and profile?

Your Vylo account

You have to create a Vylo account in order to use Vylo. Your account is where you’ll:

  • Enter information about yourself like the name you go by in everyday life, email, mobile phone number, date of birth and gender. You may be asked to confirm that this name is the name you’re known by.Learn more about names on Vylo .
  • Create a password to log into your account and access your main profile.

Your main profile

Your main profile is the profile you create when you sign up for a Vylo account. Your main profile is required and can only be deleted if you delete your Vylo account. This profile represents you on Vylo and is a place where you can share information about yourself (for example your interests, photos, videos, current city, and hometown). It’s also where you’ll:

  • Use the username you choose.
  • Upload your mobile contacts.
  • Access Pages that you manage as an admin.
  • Manage your account settings such as
    • Account information: Your contact information, language preferences, payment information, and other general information about your account.
    • Security: Login information, apps, and websites connected to your account and off-Vylo activity.
    • Ads: Ad preferences to control how data influences the ads you see.

What is off-Vylo activity?

To help provide you with the best experience Vylo collects some of your off-Vylo activities. Off-Vylo activity is a summary of activities that businesses and organizations share with us about your interactions, such as visiting their apps or websites. To learn more about which off-Vylo information we collect and how we use it, refer to our cookie policy, terms and conditions , and privacy notice .

Setting up your profile

Once you have entered your email address, full name, gender, date of birth, username, and password you have completed your account set-up. To build your profile:

  1. Pick and upload a profile picture.
  2. Select what you would like to see on Vylo.
  3. Follow people that you would like to see respond to different news items.
  4. Your profile has now been completed and you are ready to begin using your Vylo feed, newsstand , trending , and creating your first Vylo response.

If you are having problems setting up your profile, please reach out to the Vylo support team by sending an email to