Creating your account

Why am I being asked to add my mobile phone number to my account?

We may use your mobile phone number for purposes like:

• If you forget your password, you will need an updated mobile number or email address to reset it.

• Access to security features like login verification, which helps keep your account secure.

• Suggesting friends to connect with on Vylo.

• Showing you relevant ads. Although, we do not sell personal information like your mobile phone number.

If you still have any questions about the use of your mobile phone number, you can contact the Vylo support team by sending an email to

I can't create a Vylo account with my mobile phone number

If you're having trouble creating an account with your mobile phone number:

• If you see a message that your mobile number isn't recognized, make sure you typed your mobile phone number correctly. Enter the country code (example: +1 for USA) before the number.

• If you see a message that an account already exists with your mobile number, you may need to wait a few days to try adding it to your account.

• Try creating an account with an email instead of a mobile number.

• If you try to sign up for a new Vylo account with the same, or similar, phone number and password as an account you have already created, you will be logged in to your existing account.

If you already have a Vylo account with your mobile number but forgot your password:

• You can reset your password and log into your account.

• If you don't have access to that mobile number, you can try these steps to log back into your account.

Note: If you don't have a mobile phone number, you can create an account with your email instead. Make sure you are logged out of any existing accounts before trying to create an account.

Creating your Vylo account

1. Go to and click Create New Account.

2. Enter your name, email or mobile phone number, username, password, date of birth, and gender.

3. Click Sign up.

4. To finish creating your account , you need to confirm that you own the email that you used to create the account:

If you're having a problem creating a Vylo account, you can send an email to to let us know about the problem you are experiencing while creating a Vylo account.

If you're having a problem logging in:

• If you can't remember your password or are having trouble with your password, learn how to reset your password.

• If you still can't log in, find out what to do next.

Confirm your account

How do I finish creating my Vylo account and confirm my email or mobile phone number?

To finish creating an account , you need to confirm that you own the email that you used to create the account:

• To confirm your email, click or tap the link in the email you got when you created the account. Learn what to do if you can't find the email.

Confirming your email helps us know that we're sending your account info to the right place.

Note: Please confirm your email as soon as possible. You may not be able to use your account until you confirm your email. If you do not confirm your account, it may be deleted after one year of inactivity.

I did not receive the activation code from Vylo to confirm my email

We're sorry you're having trouble confirming your email. Here are some things you can try:

Using an email address

1. Check your spam folder.

2. If it is not there, please email

I can't find my Vylo signup confirmation email.

If you created a Vylo account with an email, we sent a confirmation link to that email. If you can't find your confirmation email:

• Check your junk mail folder. If you're using Gmail, check your Social emails.

• Make sure that you entered the correct email. If you entered the wrong email, you can change it and send the email again.

• You can try creating your Vylo account with a mobile phone number instead of an email.

If you created an account with your mobile phone number and didn't get an SMS with a confirmation code, try these steps.

Why was my username rejected during the signup for Vylo?

If your username was rejected during the signup, make sure your username matches our guidelines:

• Usernames containing the words Vylo or Admin cannot be claimed. No account names can contain Vylo or Admin unless they are official Vylo accounts.

• Your username cannot be longer than 15 characters and must be longer than 4 characters. Your name can be longer (50 characters) or shorter, but usernames are kept shorter for the sake of ease. (User names must be between 4-15 characters).

• A username can only contain alphanumeric characters (letters A-Z, numbers 0-9) with the exception of underscores and periods, as noted above. Check to make sure your desired username doesn't contain any symbols, dashes, or spaces.

• The username may be claimed by a suspended or deactivated account. Suspended and deactivated usernames are not immediately available for use, so you'll need to select a different username.

If you're still having a problem with your username: Let us know about the problem you are experiencing while creating your Vylo account by sending an email to